• Dragee «Good eyesight» (210 g)

    Dragee “Good vision” is a unique concentrate of organic acids (in particular, succinic, quinic, lactic, etc.), trace elements (high content of manganese, phosphorus, potassium, iron, etc.). Contains a natural stamp of beneficial microflora and a rich composition of natural vitamins (in particular, groups E, B, P, etc.).

    The biologically active product exhibits hepatoprotective, hematopoietic, cardiological, choleretic, antisclerotic, bactericidal, radioprotective, antidepressants, and other functions.

    7.200,00 Ft8.000,00 Ft

    Dragee «Good eyesight» (210 g)

    7.200,00 Ft8.000,00 Ft
  • Dragee «Immunalchik» (150 g)

    Dragee “Immunalchik” is a valuable biologically active product that exhibits immunomodulating, hematopoietic, cardiological, antioxidant, antibiotic, anti-sclerotic, bactericidal, radioprotective, antidepressants, and other functions.

    5.000,00 Ft
  • «Medol» dragees(150 g)

    Water propolis extract has a good anti-inflammatory effect. Distilled water passed through shungite is used as a basis for obtaining propolis extract, which, among other things, has previously passed the silver ionization procedure. In addition, high quality raw materials are used for the manufacture of the extract – propolis with Artepilin S.

    5.000,00 Ft7.000,00 Ft

    «Medol» dragees(150 g)

    5.000,00 Ft7.000,00 Ft